Bifidobacterium animalis, the Colon & Cancer

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Bifidobacterium is the family of bacteria that is responsible for lining the walls of the large intestine and decreasing growth of  bad strains of bacteria. B. Animalis produce acids that reduce the body’s pH, preventing illness-causing bacteria that thrive in an alkaline environment. The World Health Organization defines probiotics as, “Live microorganisms which, when administered […]


Why You Need Bifidobacterium bifidum

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Vibe Probiotics have the right mix of thirteen different strains of probiotics, but how exactly does each strain benefit the human body? Vibe features three different species of probiotic strains within each bottle, Bifidobactera, Lactobacilli and Streptococci. Today, we will start looking at the Bifidobacteria genus. This species of bacteria is extremely important for infants, […]


Vibe Probiotics: The Right Mix

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Probiotics come in several different types of strains. Many probiotic products on the market today, like yogurts, feature only one strain of probiotics. A study conducted in 2011 and featured in the European Journal of Nutrition, found that 75% of the time mixtures of probiotic strains were more effective in providing health benefits, such as […]


Probiotics: The Future of Skincare

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Did you know that an imbalance of healthy bacteria in your gut can lead to dermatological issues? Your gut and skin are very closely connected! Carbohydrates we all love and foods lacking fiber slow our digestion and gut motility, creating an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria. Once this happens inflammatory markers such as acne, redness […]