Lactobacillus Bulgaruicus: Guardian of the GI Tract

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Lactobacillus bulgaricus was one of the first probiotic strains to ever be studied. The great Russian zoologist and Nobel Prize winner, Ilya Mechnikov first isolated this strain of probiotics and recognized it’s digestive benefits in 1882. He attributed the lengthy lifespan of people in the Balkans to their consumption of L. bulgaricus filled, fermented foods.

This rugged strain of Lactobacillus is the guardian of the GI tract. Like L. acidophilus, it can be found in intestinal mucosa. It is unusually resistant to harsh climates (low pH) and acidic digestive juices secreted by the stomach. Unlike many other probiotic strains, L. bulgaricus survives the full transit of the upper digestive.  It can actually excrete metabolic end products that can change the pH of the GI tract (acids). L. bulgaricus have been compared to a spore, in that it can be stored like a seed but once digested, blooms and grows into the appropriate function within the human GI tract. This strain has shown to enhance the growth of helpful micro flora when two or more strains were introduced in combination to the body. L. bulgaricus produces its own natural antibiotics that fight off harmful bacteria. Studies have recognized that it may even have anti-tumor qualities, decrease tooth decay, lower cholesterol and fight dyspepsia.

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