When and How: Maximizing The Effectiveness of Vibe Probiotics

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The best way to proactively gain long-term health benefits of probiotics is to take them every day, according to the American Dietetic Association and registered dietitian Marisa Moore, in an interview with CNN Health. If you choose to not take probiotics every day you should at the very least be taking them when prescribed a round of antibiotics by your doctor. Antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, but destroy the good bacteria in our gut flora.  Probiotics will not diminish the effects of the antibiotics in any way. They will help rebuild a healthy balance of bacteria. When you are finished with the antibiotics you should double the amount of probiotics you are consuming for the next two weeks.

We now know that we should be consuming probiotics every day and at the very least with and after ingesting antibiotics, but how should we be taking them for maximum effectiveness? Probiotics should be consumed with or after a meal. Because our stomachs have such a high acid content it is recommended not to consume probiotics on an empty stomach. If one takes probiotics on an empty stomach it is possible that the acids could destroy some of the good probiotic bacteria. These types of helpful bacteria seek to dominate and improve the bodies overall condition, so consume them the right way, every day and with or after a meal. Vibe Probiotics’ refreshing beverages are the perfect compliment for your meals, as well as a tasty treat by themselves!



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